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GeoDjango on Arch

I just burned through the tutorial for GeoDjango.  It’s pretty easy to follow, but if you’re on Arch remember when it references python substitute python2 since Django doesn’t work with Python3 yet.  Also, if you follow the tutorial it will have you download a shapefile with the borders for the countries.  You’ll have to either populate the FIPS column of the attribute table for 3 of the records, or remove the ‘NOT NULL’ constraint from the FIPS field in PostGIS.

Temporary PostGIS-2.0.1 PKGBUILD

A few months ago I put out a PKGBUILD for PostGIS 2.0 to use while we waited for the official Arch repositories to catch up.  I just updated it to 2.0.1.  This time I changed it so it will build a package called Postgis-2.0.1-0, so when the official repositories add 2.0.1 it will be replaced automatically.  If you currently have 2.0.0 installed you can use this to upgrade but you’ll still have to upgrade your Postgresql extensions by using:

ALTER EXTENSION postgis_topology UPDATE TO "2.0.1";

As always, I only kind of know what I’m doing, use at your own risk.