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The ongoing saga of Spotify on Arch

In AUR the spotify PKGBUILD has been brought up to which is the same as the spotify-beta PKGBUILD.  It looks like the difference between the two is the spotify PKGBUILD does not download a set of Ubuntu deb files for libraries that Spotify’s deb looks for, instead it relies on native Arch libraries.  Personally I’m still using the spotify-beta PKGBUILD, it works just fine.  With Spotify using Ubuntu as its base platform Arch’s rolling release may get libraries too far out in front of what Spotify is looking for.  Having a set of libraries that are all but guaranteed to work just saves a headache.  Ideally though Spotify would opensource its client and we can compile against any library our heart desires but that ain’t gonna happen.


“Ain’t” and “gonna” are in Chromium’s spellcheck dictionary.  But spellcheck isn’t.  Weird.

Banshee 4.2.0 and uPnP

Banshee 4.2.0 was released March 21st.  Thanks to Daniel Isenmann it’s been packaged up and added to Arch’s extra repository.  The new release has some nice new features, DVD playback and uPnP/DLNA are two I’ve been looking forward too.  There is good news and bad news there, good news is there is finally a Linux uPnP client, the bad news is that it is buggy and causes Banshee to crash.  The Banshee and the mono-upnp developer, Bertrand Lorentz, thinks that the bugs have been squashed.  You can check for yourself by checking out the latest versions of Banshee and Mono-upnp from their respective Git repositories, or you can wait until the next release of Banshee which should be right around the corner.

Handy LibreOffice Extensions

The previous post covered the native LibreOffice / PostgreSQL connector, but that’s not the only extra available for LibreOffice.  There are tons of extensions that can make your life easier and make LibreOffice work better.  Extensions can be found here and they fairly easy to install, but rather than install them manually I like to first check to see if they are in Arch’s repositories or from AUR.  This makes keeping current easy as updates are handled by pacman, also the extensions are installed so that they are available to all users and not locked up in my home directory.  After the jump I’ll go through a few extensions I’ve found handy.

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Using the native Postgresql connector with LibreOffice Base

I made an earlier post that showed how to connect to a Postgres database through a JDBC connection.  Now the native Postgres connector has been added to the Arch Repositories (libreoffice-postgresql-connector). After you use Pacman to install the extension open Base and tell it you want to connect to an existing database, then select Postgresql from the dropdown list.   It will ask you for a connection string, that string should be formatted like such:

dbname=postgres hostaddr= port=5433 user=db_user password=libreoffice

If Postgres is running on the standard port 5432 you can leave that out.  Depending on how you have your authentication set up in the database you can also leave off the user and password as well.

This method is much MUCH faster than using the JDBC connection.

Spotify 0.8.2 Linux beta

The new version of Spotify’s Linux beta hit AUR yesterday.  The maintainer included Flash version 10 with so you no longer have to download it yourself.  It is set up so that only Spotify will use the old version of Flash, your other programs will use the current version.

New favorite torrent client

One of my favorite pieces of Windows software is µTorrent.  Since moving to Linux I’ve been trying to find a suitable replacement, and now I think I finally have.  Deluge is lightweight, it gives you a choice of user interfaces (web, GTK, command line, etc), and it is well maintained.  For Arch users it is found in the extra repository.

Typmod in PostGIS 2.0

One of my favorite new features in the upcoming 2.0 release of PostGIS is typmod.  This blog post breaks down how it will simplify the creation and modification of spatially enabled tables.