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uDig 1.3.1

uDig 1.3.1 was released a few days before the holidays, but I’m just now getting around to installing it.  The AUR pgkbuild for uDig is stuck at 1.1.1, but that’s not a big problem because uDig’s a java / eclipse based program.  To install 1.3.1 on 64 bit Arch:

Download the installer linked here

cd to the directory where the installer zip was downloaded

Unzip the installer with the following command:

sudo unzip -d /opt/

Make a symlink in /usr/bin that points to the shell script that launches uDig:

sudo ln -s /opt/udig/ /usr/bin/local/udig

And you’re good to go (assuming /usr/local/bin is in your path).  When the next version comes out you can simply sudo rm -rf /opt/udig and replace it with the new version.

uDig is pretty cool

If QGIS isn’t your cup of tea uDig is another free, open source GIS tool.  It is java based, and as such runs on basically any platform out there.  There’s a windows installer, or for other platforms you can download a zip file containing the program and all the tools it needs to run.  Just unzip the folder and run!  Once it is up and running you can feed it pretty much any data set out there since like QGIS, uDig takes advantage of GDAL and GDAL opens basically everything out there.

Check out uDig’s homepage for some cool testimonials from big projects that have made use of the software to complete some HUGE projects.