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Handy vim shortcut

Too many times I have started editing a configuration file, or other files that require root privileges, with my normal user account.  A handy vim shortcut:

:w !sudo tee %

allows me to save the file without needing to discard my changes and re-doing them in a new edit session.

$_ today’s favorite bash shortcut of the day

In Bash and several other shells $_ stores the arguments of the most recent command.  This lets you do something like:

mkdir fun
cd $_

That’s a simple example, making a directory and switching into it.  Where it really comes in handy is when you’re like me and you give the wrong command with a million arguments and want to quickly fix your mistake.  $_ to the rescue!


This blog hit 1776 views on July 4th.  Cool.

Command line book

The Linux Command Line by William E. Shotts, Jr. is more than a reference book, it is a full fledged guide to the Linux command line.  It provides a great top to bottom look at the command line and helps to get you to think about how the command line can make your life easier.  It is available in print and as a free Creative Commons licensed download from here.

Print to PDF

I’ve got print to PDF options in both Chromium and Firefox.  How long have they had this feature?  Do the Windows version have it too?   I know Firefox on Windows didn’t as of this summer, I had to install a program that set itself up as a printer and it generated the PDF.  Man, this has got me feeling dumb.  Ahhh doy!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been going back through the 2011 baseball season and rewatching games via  Chromium and the Linux version of the 64 bit flash plugin handle everything just fine.  When my persnickety internet connection cooperates (it can be a bit slow sometimes) I get full HD quality, but most of the time it sits just a notch below the highest quality they offer.

What did I do to Chromium?

For some reason I can’t log into Yahoo Mail with Chromium. I enter my username and password, but nothing happens when I click the submit button and nothing happens when I press enter. I can login just fine with Firefox, and I can use Chromium to log into any other site. Crazy!