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So how’s QGIS 1.9 / 2.0 coming along?

Quite well!  I just pulled the latest build from the GIT repository and it looks pretty spiffy.

A sign that 2.0 is getting closer, configuration files have moved from ~/.qgis to ~/.qgis2.  I don’t know if a migration routine will be included, but my installation created a fresh profile.  The fresh profile included a new theme for the standard toolbar buttons which look very similar to the buttons in GRASS’s user interface.  The new profile  re-set some settings cleared my plugins so I had to re-download the plugins, which leads me to the next overhaul, the plugin manager.

The plugin manager has been combined with the fetching and managing functions of the old plugin system which streamlines the plugin process.  So far none of the plugins that I have installed have required a restart of QGIS.  As for the plugins themselves, the plugins I use such as OpenLayers and Statist have been updated to work with the new API.

DBManager was been polished.  It now lets you save your custom SQL Queries and its import / export functions are much smoother.

Print Composer  has seen a pretty complete overhaul.  Anita Graser did a seven part series looking at some of the new features.  Here’s the link to her printing tag where you can find all seven articles.  My favorite highlights the new alignment guides.  The old version had a snap to grid function but the new guides and rulers make it that much easier to line up the elements of your map.

I keep forgetting to compile in support for the QGIS Globe plugin.  Hopefully I’ll remember to try it out the next time I pull down the source.

There are a ton more new and updated features that I did not get to, for example, the label overhaul and how raster symbology is handled.  Overall 2.0 is going to be a great step forward for the QGIS project.

QGIS 1.9 breaks some plugins (for now)

As part of the beta process QGIS 1.9 has started to implement the API changes that will lead to QGIS 2.0.  These changes to the low level guts of the program have broken a few plugins.  Personally I’ve come across two:  OpenLayers and Points2One.

OpenLayers allows you to use outside map sources such as Google Maps and Bing Maps as backdrops to your maps.  Currently it crashes when the plugin tries to load.  Points2One takes point layers and makes lines or polygons from them.  It loads, but crashes when you try to create the new data set.

Other plugins work just fine, for example, Statist is currently running perfectly.  When the API changes are locked in the plugins that aren’t working will be able to be re-written to work with the new version.  Until then, if you have a plugin you rely avoid the beta builds and stay with QGIS 1.8.

EDIT:  OpenLayers has been updated to work with the new API.  Just upgrade the plugin through Fetch Python Plugins menu and it will work just fine.