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COGO for QGIS and ArcView

A few days ago one of my favorite QGIS 1.8 plugins was updated to work with QGIS 2.0.  The Azimuth and Distance Plugin allows you to map a polygon by COGO calls which is very handy if you’re mapping a property boundary from its deed description.  The only drawback is it will only measure the line segments in project’s coordinate reference system’s units, or if your CRS is in meters you can enter the distances in feet.  If you have an older deed that is measured out in rods, chains, and links you’ll need to convert the distances manually before drawing out your polygon.

If you’re an ArcView (or ArcDesktop Basic if you prefer) user who needs to do some COGO work and don’t want to spend a ton of money to upgrade to ArcEditor here’s a guide to how to set up ArcMap and how to do a ground to grid correction without the COGO toolbar.