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Arch on a laptop

I have never tried to put Linux on a laptop so I figured it was time to give it a shot.  It was a smooth process.  The only hangup I ran into during installation was not being able use my wireless card for the net install.  My older Broadcom card’s firmware isn’t part of the default Arch install.  Once the installation process was finished I was able to install the B43 firmware from AUR.  The current version will work with kernel’s up to 3.2.  After 3.2 hits core a new version will hit AUR.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

QGIS 1.7.3

QGIS 1.7.3 is out, and it hit AUR yesterday.  It installed with out a hitch for me.  For the release notes click here.

Spotify on Arch

Spotify doesn’t have an official Linux client, but they do have a beta version they’re working on.  The latest version is available from AUR.

It looks to be a step behind the Windows client, it doesn’t have the new Spotify feature for playing auto-generated playlists based on your preferred artists.  This version is, however, compatible with non-premium subscribers like me.  The downside is when it throws up a full window ad there’s no way to get past it.  In the Windows version you click the ad and it goes down to the bottom of the Spotify Window, on the current Linux version the ad just stays up until the next ad plays in your playlist.  While it is up you can’t change playlists, preferences, etc.

Once I pointed the client to where my local music files are stored it found and cataloged them.  Apparently previous versions had problems with this.  To make sure this feature works you may need to install libva.


Now I can get the ads to go away, I must not have been clicking in the right spot.

MapServer on Arch Linux

MapServer isn’t in Arch‘s package repository.  There are two older versions in AUR, but they are not currently maintained.   Luckily, MapServer is very straight forward to compile and install on its own, it isn’t updated on a weekly basis so it is easy to keep current, and it is the sort of software that once you find a version that works for you you tend to want to keep it.  All this makes it a great candidate for you to compile and install it yourself.

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Update to 64-bit Flash in Arch

A few months ago I posted how to get the native 64 bit flash player plugin installed on an Arch system.  The process has been simplified, the plugin is now part of the Arch package repository and as such can be installed using pacman.  Hooray!  Just run pacman -S flashplugin