Getting QGIS Server to work on Windows

Anita Graser published an easy to follow guide for getting QGIS Server running on a Windows system.  There have been a few small changes since this guide was published, the biggest being Apache released version 2.4.

First up is to download Apache and the fcgi mod from Apache Lounge.

Unzip Apache to c:\, which will create C:\Apache24.  From the modules zip extract to C:\Apache24\modules.

Copy httpd_qgis.conf from C:\OSGeoW64\httpd.d\httpd_qgis.conf to C:\Apache24\conf\extras.  Comment out lines 13 and 14 and add:

Require all granted

on a new line above </Directory>.

In c:\apache24\conf\httpd.conf add

Include conf/extra/httpd_qgis.conf

to the # Supplemental section.


Now if you go to the link below you should see the capabilities page for your QGIS Server installation.


  1. not able to start apache after the above modification.Please help..

  2. +1 for this, one comment: It seems to me that out httpd_qgis.conf’s differ. The above mentioned lines 13 and 14 refer to the line in the section beginning with Order… and Allow.. because these cause a Syntax error when doing httpd -k restart, right? Lines 13 and 14 in my httpd_qgis.conf begin with DefaultInitEnv…

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