Checking Distances in a Single Table

At work we have two identical GPS units.  One had to be sent in for service so we wanted to check to make sure it was back in working order.  We collected a series of points with both units.  I took the data collected and put it into a Postgres table; the table ended up with three fields:  set_id which identified the point as collected on each unit, unit_name to show which unit collected the point, and geom for the geometry of the point itself.  Here’s the query I came up with to compare the data:

SELECT DISTINCT a.set_id, ST_Distance(a.geom, b.geom) As dist
FROM test_pts As a JOIN test_pts As b USING (set_id)
WHERE a.unit_name <> b.unit_name

Too often I forget about self-joins.  They made this query quick to write and easy to understand.

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