R Graphics Device is blank, won’t show plots or charts

Arch‘s latest version of R (2.15.2-1) has a bug, nothing is drawn when you send a plot or chart to the default graphics device.  It’s an easy fix, before you plot anything issue the following command:


After that you’re good until you close that Graphic Device.  If you close it you’ll have to re-issue the command.  There’s an entry for this issue in the bug tracker, hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

  1. Thank you for the tip. It still seems to be a problem (at least in Ubuntu 13.04) but changing the type of display works.
    Apparently the problem has been solved in R 2.15.3 (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/r-base/+bug/1179906). Changing the size of the window may also help.

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