Watch your projections when using QGIS’s raster clipper

I needed to clip a county-wide Mr. Sid file down to just the area of interest for a project.  QGIS‘s raster clipper tool, a front end for gdal_translate, made that easy.  You can either clip by a selected extent, or by a masking polygon from a vector layer.  I did run into one problem, the project’s CRS was the local State Plane projection and the source raster was in UTM.  Gdal_translate returned the following error:

Computed -srcwin falls outside raster size of 28249x42326

Resetting QGIS’s project CRS to match the raster’s projection fixed the error.

    • Matthew Gadddes
    • March 10th, 2013

    I experienced a similar error message when the clipping box I was drawing in QGIS (the rectangular box that can be dragged when the “clipper” dialogue box is open) fell slightly outside the edge of the original file.

    • russenkind
    • January 27th, 2016

    You made my Day (or better my Night…)!

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