Got QGIS 1.8 to compile on Arch

Finally got the new QGIS to compile and install.  Before starting you’ll need to install libspatialindex, for Arch users it is available from AUR from package libspatialindex-git.

The first time I tried to get it to compile it bombed out at 96%, it couldn’t find  I couldn’t figure out how to get cmake to look in the build’s output directory to find the freshly built library so I cheated and copied the library to /usr/lib.  That worked and 1.8 started up just fine.

Playing around with 1.8 I found spatialite manager didn’t work, I was missing a python module called pyspatialite.  To install it just download and extract the tarball, in the pyspatialite-3.0.1 directory there’s a file.  Just run:

python2 build clean install

to install it.  Done, easy peasy.

Hopefully someone will post a PKGBUILD to AUR that will simplify this whole process.  In the meantime at least I’ve got 1.8 up and running.

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