QGIS 1.8!

QGIS 1.8 was released yesterday.   This release gives us QGIS Browser, a file manager for working with spatial datasets similar to ESRI’s ArcCatalog.  You can use it to browse and organize your spatial data, preview their geography, and drag and drop them into your maps.  Also new is DB Manager.  Previously available as a plugin, it has been refined and added to the main application itself.  With DB manager you can copy layers from one database to another, say from PostGIS to Spatialite, you can run ad hoc queries against a spatial database and add the results as a layer to your map. I’ve only scratched the surface of DB Manager’s capabilities.  Later I’ll run it head to head against the Fast SQL Layer and RT SQL Layer plugins.  But first I’ll have to get 1.8 to install on my Linux laptop.

I couldn’t get 1.8 to compile; I tried to modify the PGKBUILD from AUR for 1.7.4, but 1.8 couldn’t find my Spatialite libraries.  I didn’t have much time to troubleshoot, hopefully I can get it to work this weekend.  In the meantime I’m testing 1.8’s Windows build to get a feel for the new features.  There is good news on the Windows front, apparently a 64 bit binary is just around the corner.   Once they do they’ll be yet another desktop GIS to get 64 bit support before ESRI.

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