Gnome 3 Extensions

Recently I switched my laptop from OpenBox to Gnome.  Why?  Who knows, but I’m enjoying Gnome much more  on my laptop than I did on desktop.

One new feature of Gnome 3 is it’s ability to extend and enhance the Gnome Shell with extensions.   You can find a collection of extensions here.  You can use the site to install new extensions, or from this page you can see which extensions you have installed and you can uninstall unneeded extensions or turn extensions on or off.

After the jump I’ll go over a few extensions I’ve found helpful.

Advanced settings in user menu

This extension adds an entry to your User Menu that takes you to the Gnome Tweak Tool.  It just saves you from tracking the tweak tool’s icon down in the application menu or having to type it in the Alt+F2 menu.

Workspace Indicator

If you spread programs out across several workspaces this extension makes it easy to switch back and forth.

Weather Indicator

Everyone’s got to have a weather app!  This is one of my favorites.  It isn’t on the official Gnome extensions page, but if you’re an Arch user you can install it off Github via AUR.  If you’re not an Arch user the AUR page will take you directly to the extension’s Github page.  Once you install the extension you’ll need you’re location’s WOEID.  This site gives you an easy interface for searching for your ID.

Gmail Notify

I’m not 100% sold on this one.  On the good side it does use the Gnome Keyring to encrypt your Gmail password.  On the downside it doesn’t accurately show the number of new emails in your inbox.  Instead when you get a new email it shows the number of total emails in that thread.  Hopefully this is a minor bug that gets fixed in future releases.

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