Handy LibreOffice Extensions

The previous post covered the native LibreOffice / PostgreSQL connector, but that’s not the only extra available for LibreOffice.  There are tons of extensions that can make your life easier and make LibreOffice work better.  Extensions can be found here and they fairly easy to install, but rather than install them manually I like to first check to see if they are in Arch’s repositories or from AUR.  This makes keeping current easy as updates are handled by pacman, also the extensions are installed so that they are available to all users and not locked up in my home directory.  After the jump I’ll go through a few extensions I’ve found handy.

Copy Only Visible Cells

It’s name is pretty self explanatory.  This extension allows you to only copy visible cells in Calc.  For Arch users this extension is available in AUR as libreoffice-extension-copy-only-visible-cells.

PDF Import

PDF Import is also self expanatory.  You can import in PDF documents (with varying levels of success depending on the contents), make edits, then use the built in PDF exporter to export it back out.  This extension is in the extra repository as libreoffice-extension-pdfimport.

Report Builder

Report builder gives you a more friendly interface to Base’s report builder app.  It is also in the extra repository as libreoffice-extension-report-builder.

  1. January 10th, 2014

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