Spotify Linux beta 0.8


The PKGBUILD for 0.8.2 handles the Flash issue for you.  Click here for details.

The latest Linux version of Spotify catches up to the Windows version.  Hooray!  However, it is still in beta and one of the bugs in the program causes it to segfault when using the newest version of Flash.  Boo!  The current maintainer of the AUR pkgbuild came up with a workaround, get a copy of the previous version of Flash and use a shell script to point Spotify to it and so far this has worked for me.  Get the details below the jump.

First, install spotify-beta (plain spotify is version 0.6) and pkgextract from AUR.

Download the RPM of the old version of flash linked here.  Note, this RPM is the x86_64 version.  There’s a 32 bit version of Flash 10 in AUR.

I put the RPM in a new directory, ~/.spotify, but you can put it where you find convenient.   Wherever you put it, cd to that directory and use pkgextract to extract the plugin.  Pkgextact will re-create the directory structure where the RPM intended to put the plugin so it ends up at ~/.spotify/usr/lib64/flash-plugin

Create a shell script to point Spotify to the old version.  I cribbed this from the AUR maintainer:

export MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH=/home/$USER/.spotify/usr/lib64/flash-plugin
echo "Starting Spotify"
/usr/bin/spotify "$@"

Save that as /usr/local/bin/spotify-beta then

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/spotify-beta

to make the script executable.  Now use it to enjoy the new Spotify radio stations feature.  It’s so awesome (even though Pandora’s been doing it forever).

    • acipenser
    • March 23rd, 2012

    “Radio” in Spotify 0.8.2 version for i686 in Fedora 16 x86_64 last kernel run OK. It’s a solution for me. Thank’s.

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